About the Artist

Michelle always knew she wanted to be an artist, falling into watercolor painting quite naturally until a photography segment in her commercial art program. She enjoyed spending time in the darkroom available to her in high school, watching images develop and learning about the traditional film process first hand. She shoots with Nikon digital equipment but still uses the old manual lens and bellows system for her macro work.
She grew up in the city of Cleveland Ohio so it seemed natural to attend college in a city environment. Having attended a very large high school she sought out a small art school to attend. She found that in Cincinnati Ohio at Antonelli Institute of Art and Photography.
She met her husband Robert, who has the same love for photography. They married and moved to Northern Kentucky where they opened Masterworks Photography, a studio specializing in weddings and portraits, which they have owned for over 20 years. When the family moved to a home with woods and a field, Michelle was in her element. Her photography takes place after their three sons go to school in the morning, when the light is just right.



Nikon D300, Nikor 55mm lens, Nikor macro bellows, Photoshop CS4 & 5 for editing.
Large format Giclee canvas prints: 12x18, 16x24, 20x20, 20x30, 35x40
Smaller prints: 4x6 matted prints and 8x12, 12x18 matted prints

All photographs are taken by Michelle Wermuth.